Cursos de Português para Estrangeiros, em Grupo!

por The Language Club / terça-feira, 19 dezembro 2017 / Publicado em Comunicados

Se você tem um amigo/conhecido estrangeiro que está de passagem por Florianópolis, convide-o para participar de nosso curso de Português em Grupo! 

This is a two-week long course, 3 hours a day for 10 days (30 hours total). It’s a great opportunity if you want to be able to handle daily conversations in Portuguese in such little time!

This course is addressed to those students who are beginners or false beginners in Portuguese, if you already have an advanced knowledge of our language, please consult us about our private classes!

An exclusive booklet is included, so you can keep studying and revising after the end of the course. Classes are usually from 9 am to 12 pm, with a break so you can enjoy a nice coffee and a proper pão-de-queijo in our cafeteria.

Portuguese Group Course

starting regularly once a month
Daily classes from 9am to 12pm

You can also plan ahead an enroll to one of the groups starting in 2018!

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For more information and to enroll, please write to

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